On the second Tuesday of October 2015, the Edelweiss Chapter was formally launched with over 18 excited members getting ready and feeling committed to grow the Chapter. It has proved to be a fast growing chapter as the momentum of HBN grows from strength to strength. The Chapter has attracted over 25 members within 2 months.  



The Chapter slogan is “Let’s Grow and Bloom Together” which highlights the youthful sentiment and togetherness of the Chapter.  We anticipate generating a HAPPY network of members who’s willing to “Give before Get” with a fun and playful mindset when serious businesses are done. 



Edelweiss Chapter Inauguration 2015



Chapter Autumn Internal Trainings

Every 6 months, an Internal Training is given to each Chapter by the Training Team led by HBN Directors. In September 2016, the Team of Vice Chairpersons...

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Edelweiss Chapter Soft-Opening

A new Chapter, the Edelweiss Chapter, was launched in mid-August in anticipation of an inaugural meeting in early October...

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