Many members from all chapters took time off to “play sand on the beach” with each other. Little did they predict beforehand that they would end up with so much learning from the 4 hrs experience!


With us as individuals, we are like sands on the beach. There are plenty of us, but we get blown away easily as we are not solid!


By adding water, sand are bonded together, just like how HBN has brought us all together in one community.


The bonded sand are then put into the desired shapes by exerting the right force…no difference to how positive energy among companions and business associates can turn challenges to outstanding results.


Sand            +            Water            +            Force            =          Sand Castles

Individuals  +            HBN               +    Positive energy  =      Business Results















HBN 5Y26 Vision Castle              26/04/2014

CNY Spring Dinner 2014

Nearly 80 members and guests joined the Annual Spring Dinner to celebrate the Year of the Horse… 

Latest News

On the fourth Thursday of January of 2014, the Chardonnay Chapter was finally launched with over 15 new members . . . . . 

Chardonnay Chapter Inauguration 2014

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