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Ho Tse Wai  Philip Li and Partners 

About Myself

People say most leaders are crazy. I agree because most ordinary people seem to judge me in that way. I always took the road “less travelled”. But my passion for people has made me enjoy serving my peers as student, group and professional leaders and working for people engaged in all works of life and people of all social levels as a litigation lawyer. My passion for human rights has driven me to take courses daunting to most people. However, all these are balanced by my love for Nature including plants and animals, resulting in my hobbies for cooking, hiking and golf.


About My Company

My firm “Ho Tse Wai Philip Li and Partners” is a merger of two litigation firms since July 2011, resulting in a practice focusing on civil and criminal litigation (with a niche in commercial litigation, medical negligence and personal injuries, administrative law and adverse possession) and a general practice on non-contentious matters such as conveyancing, probate and commercial work.


We have a professional team composed of 15 lawyers and paralegals divided into specialized teams headed by senior associates with over 10 years post-qualification experience. Our Senior Partner Mr. Albert C.Y. Ho is a Legislative Councillor and both of us have over 30 years standing and are reputable lawyers in HK. This background and resources means we are able to handle cases involving trivial day-to-day dispute to litigation including cases or people of the highest sensitivity locally and in the world. We have also handled numerous landmark cases in Hong Kong.

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What makes me Happy in Business

Few professions can offer you the breath of general and specialized knowledge and the kind of challenge, interest, sense of accomplishment and satisfaction than an advocate lawyer’s job like mine.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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